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Design guidance for new build and major refurbishment of facilities for the provision of primary dental care

Author(s)A report of a research project commissioned by NHS Estates from G&S Research in association with MARU; South Bank University; London Principal investigators: Stuart I Morganstein; Rosemary Glanville
AbstractThe aim of the project was to identify design principles from a wide range of sources and apply them to facilities for the provision of primary dental care in the general dental services. The methods used included establishing a relevant database from a comprehensive literature and
information search, surveying dentists who applied for practice improvement grants, and in-depth case studies of new or refurbished dental practices. A widely-based focus group assessed all the available information and identified appropriate design principles which then led to the formulation of key design criteria for all aspects of general dental practices, including the clinical environment.
Date of publishing06/01/2007
Date of last review by us07/19/2010
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