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If you work with poultry, read this leaflet now The programme has been discontinued. The resources have been retained for reference purposes only

Author(s)Department of Health
AbstractThe Department of Health is offering flu vaccination this winter to those who work in close contact with poultry. This is being done as a precautionary public health measure and does not mean that workers are at any higher risk of getting flu this winter than usual. Nor does it mean that there is an increased risk of an outbreak of bird flu in the UK as this risk remains low. For further information on 2010/11 season please see the link below

UPDATED Information for 2010/2011:
This letter contains information about the annual seasonal influenza immunisation programme for winter 2010/11, including influenza immunisation for frontline health and social care staff, and the poultry worker immunisation programme
Date of publishing09/28/2007
Date of last revision by publisher05/28/2010
Date of last review by us11/11/2012
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